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To be different is normal!


For 30 years our organization has been treating and supporting seriously ill, physically and/or mentally challenged or traumatized children, adolescents and their families in times of need. Whilst doing so, we accept physical and mental differences and let them co-exist side by side and free of judgment. To be different is normal!

Children and youths regain their self-confidence through spontaneous play and conversation during their time at Spielzeit, and are able to build up their self-esteem and joy for life through a specific form of treatment.


The goal of counseling, therapy and occupational measures of integration is for every young person to find their individual place in society.


Spielzeit Psychotherapie
Spyristrasse 7, CH-8044 Zürich
Tel. 043 810 0 810 / Fax. 043 810 0 811


The M.-L. von Franz Institute for Studies in Synchronicity (MLFI, Zürich)