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Making a difference with your charitable donation


As a nonprofit organization, the foundation is dependent on donations. All contributions to Spielzeit are tax-deductible. For more than thirty years, the Spielzeit team has dedicated itself fully to the support of severely ill, disabled or traumatized children and adolescents and their families; your donation will provide the means for us to continue doing so.


Every donation will make a crucial difference in the life of a young person: the difference of being both a valuable and valued part of society.


Donations require a precise agreement of quality with the sponsoring foundation of Spielzeit, the MLFI. This arrangement between you as donor and Spielzeit as service provider is based on a mutual evaluation of the following questions: what potential lies in a specific child or project? What will the goal set for the psychotherapy or project implementation look like?


Each donation or contribution is separately listed. All figures appear in detail in the annual report. Thus the donor can transparently see every franc spent and received. The quality inspection is concluded by the trust company KBT (Zurich), an auditing agency and finally the Swiss Federal Supervisory Authority for Foundations.


Please click here to make a secure online donation via PAYPAL or CREDIT CARD.


You can also donate via bank transfer:

The von Franz Institute, UBS Zürich Römerhof, PC 80-2-2,

IBAN account number: CH11 0025 1251 8018 24M2